I started my photographic career in 2007 with my first reflex camera, but until 2010 I didn't start my specialized studies, when I started my studies of image at the IES Príncipe Felipe in Madrid.

In 2012 I finish my studies as a technician in image and video , and I work for 3 months full time internship in the photographic studio of Ángel Álvarez, where I work as an assistant in national and international advertising productions for important companies (J&B, San Miguel, Plaza Norte, La Gavia...).

After this amazing experience, I decided to specialize in fashion and portrait photography, starting the Master of Fashion Photography at CES School, where I grow as a photographer under the guidance of professionals such as Mar Marcos, Felix Alcolea, Iris Encina or Antonio Fernandez.

After graduating as an expert in fashion photography, I started working as an intern photographer for RUDE Magazine in Madrid, directed by the aforementioned Antonio Fernández.

During all this time, between personal work and collaborations, in addition to continue working with the photographer Angel Alvarez and his assistant Montse Labiaga sporadically, I work for different companies in various sectors, such as fashion and current affairs magazines, online publications, events...

In 2014 I decide to move temporarily to London with my partner of photographic adventures Guillermo Delgado to improve the level of English and live an enriching experience.

Back in Spain I moved to Cantabria, where I currently reside and develop my photographic and videographic work, expanding the range of projects to the field of catering and tourism, events and weddings, music and sports videoclips, and corporate and business photography.

If you find my work interesting, and you want your business to have images like the ones you see in my portfolio, do not hesitate to contact me without any commitment, we will find the formula that best suits your needs.

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